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Get Food

When You Need Food Help

If you need food and live in Carroll County, you are eligible to receive groceries at Food Sunday.

Here’s all you need to get started:

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Proof of your Carroll County residence
  • Social Security card for each member of the household

No financial information is required.

Get Started

Our process is simple:

  1. Visit a CCFS location near you
  2. Arrive in the waiting area and sign in (all new and current clients)
  3. Visit our interview desk when our greeter calls your name for your turn
  4. Provide your basic information
  5. CCFS confirms your residency and identification
  6. Your information is secure in our confidential database
  7. You are now a client

Get Supplemental Food

Once you are a client, you can visit weekly to receive supplemental food. A nutritionist carefully advises our selections to ensure a wholesome, balanced variety of food.

Here’s what’s next:

  1. Visit our distribution counter to choose and receive groceries, based on your family size.
  2. Our volunteers pack your groceries
  3. Extra items are sometimes offered thanks to our generous donors and local grocery stores

As a CCFS client, you are treated with respect, courtesy and confidentiality.

Masked volunteers stock the pantry.
Volunteers smile and pose for a picture with bags of groceries.
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